IP Transit

IP Transit Service

High-quality transit connection service for corporate enterprises, such as ISPs and content providers

OneCubit's IP transit service seamlessly connects to major local and global carriers, enabling access to a high-quality internet connection.



Extensive Global Network Coverage

Our service collaborates with Tier 1 or regional Tier 1 carriers such as NTT, Cogent, Arelion, enabling seamless connectivity to a vast global backbone.

Optimized for Local Networks

We provide transit service with direct connections to major Internet Exchanges (IX) like EIE, BBIX, KINX in all regions. This allows us to establish direct connections with various local communication providers.

Technical Support by Experienced Engineers

Our team consists of professional engineers with extensive experience in networking. They continuously monitor servers and networks, ensuring a system that can handle various situations effectively.


  • BGP Full Routing
  • Default Route
  • Local Route (for Seoul only)


  • Japan: Tokyo (BBIX, JPIX, JPNAP, EIE)
  • South Korea: Seoul (KINX)
  • China: Hong Kong (EIE)
  • USA: Seattle (Coming Soon)


  • IX Connect
  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Support for 4-Byte AS Numbers
  • Large BGP Communities support
  • Support for Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH)
  • Billing based on the 95 percentile or average utilization

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App Development

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