OneCubit Co., Ltd.


Work more efficiently

On-site maintenance 24/7. Stable video conferencing is possible on our reliable network. Help you increase your productivity.

Enough bandwidth for everyone

A global network backbone. Sufficient bandwidth can be used even if the office or the whole family is connected from multiple Wi-Fi devices

Great for games and movies

Contracts with major global carriers. You can comfortably enjoy games and video sites that support high resolution without stress.

Internet simple solution

Markets and customer needs are changing daily, requiring a flexible partner. We work together to design the best solutions for you and your clients across the entire network, including high-quality internet, worldwide network construction, and secure data transfer.

OneCubit Co., Ltd.

704 Seolleung-ro Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Company No. 110114-0273158


Secure Data Transmission

We provide secure data transfer over digital and physical private global lines with various protocols.

App Development

Developed network-related system software. We develop mobile apps and design UI to improve user experience.


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