DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

Dedicated line service enabling direct internet access from organizational or corporate sites

Our Direct Internet Access (DIA) service utilizes fiber optic cables to provide a high-speed and stable internet connection. Unlike traditional internet services, DIA connects your site directly to our contracted data centers, ensuring a high-quality communication environment free from delays and congestion.

Service Features


Supports ultra-high-speed communications up to 10Gbps. You can select the line speed and optional services according to your usage needs.

Global Connectivity

Connected to various Internet Exchanges (IXs). Enables direct connections to the world’s leading cloud and CDN services, such as Azure, AWS, and Akamai.

World-Class Infrastructure

Contracts with network infrastructures like Equinix, NTT, and Lumen that maintain an operational reliability of over 99.99%. Multiple upstream connections in each region ensure continuous redundancy.

Supported Regions

  • Japan: Tokyo (Equinix)
  • South Korea: Seoul (KINX)
  • China: Hong Kong (Equinix, TGT)
  • USA: Seattle (Digital Realty Seattle SEA10)

Case Studies

  • Businesses that handle large volumes of data transmission and reception
  • Companies with frequent communications with overseas branches
  • Enterprises requiring high-quality communication environments
  • Those looking to enhance security measures
  • Companies aiming to reduce communication costs
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