About Us

OneCubit, founded in 2021 based in South Korea, is an innovative network solution company that prioritizes privacy and security. It is fully owned and has been operating globally in the network business since 2017 with a diverse team of international talents.
Embracing the concept of the Borderless Network, we strive for technological innovation and offer the following solutions:
  • Solutions for network privacy, security, and connectivity
  • Solutions for global routing
  • Solutions for VPN and data transfer
  • Solutions for cloud servers and DNS servers

Business Operations

  • IP Transit Services
  • Colocation
  • Broadband Physical and Cloud Servers
  • Data Transfer Services using VPN
  • International Private Lines
  • Network System and Application Development
  • Services with over 100,000 B2C users

Contract Partners

  • Equinix
  • NTT
  • KINX
  • Telstra
  • Lumen
  • RETN
  • HKBN
  • BBIX
  • JPIX
  • and more
For information about career opportunities, please refer to here.