VPN Solution

A solution for securely connecting to your network from any location

We invest substantial resources in researching and developing VPN technology to ensure safe data transfer. We offer a comprehensive range of VPN solutions tailored to meet all your needs.

Service Features

Expertise in Data Transfer Technology

We are experts in VPN encryption technologies, protocols, and systems, with over seven years of experience in B2C applications. We provide suitable solutions tailored to various situations.

High-Quality Global Connectivity

We contract with Tier 1 Internet providers and major IXs, ensuring stable connections from various regions around the world.

Secure and Low-Latency

We offer international private lines owned by our company to meet customer needs, ensuring secure and stable connections with low latency. Our services support seamless use of remote desktop applications and VoIP.

Case Studies

Our VPN services can be integrated in scenarios such as:

1. Secure Access to In-House Networks from External Locations

Ideal for telecommuting or accessing company systems from abroad, including data sharing between branches. In Japan, we connect to the four major IXs (JPIX, BBIX, JPNAP, EIE). From international locations, access through stable Tier 1 networks like NTT and Lumen is possible.

2. Operations in Countries with Internet Censorship

We enable secure access to the internet or in-house systems from countries with strict internet censorship, like China or the Middle East. Leveraging our long-standing experience and expertise, we provide optimal solutions.

3. Security in BYOD Environments

Our VPN solutions are used for securing remote work environments. We manage network security at the DNS level or through SD-WAN, ensuring safety for employee devices.
Additional Applications
  • Secure access to cloud services and SaaS.
  • Safe data sharing with partner companies.
  • Access to remote desktops.
  • Use of VoIP phones and dedicated conference software.
  • Security measures when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Connections to surveillance camera systems.
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